Our Family

North Carolina residents since 1993, our family has been a part of the Triangle for over 20 years, attending school and owning businesses in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding towns. From the warm, welcoming community to the incomparable summer nights, North Carolina quickly became the embodiment of the word "home" for us. We hope you'll come see us so we can help you feel more at home here too.


Our Community

Over the years, the talent and innovation in the Triangle has grown exponentially, and we are so excited about all of it. As part of the community that embraced us, we are hoping to embrace the community back by showcasing the best of what NC has to offer. Our focus and our passion is people. People dream, people create, and people share. We are bringing you the best of the people through our service, our ingredients, and our attention to detail.


Why Kaffeinate


A cup of coffee is...

The feeling of waking up
Knowing that you're cared for first thing in the morning
A potential date
A much needed break in the middle of the day
A cool photo op
Warmth and comfort

Bringing our best to you

Whether you're here for our bites, our brews, or both, we hope you'll feel like an irreplaceable member of our community. No matter what your day is like, you are always welcome here for a little bit of that hometown feeling. By bringing people together, we're hoping to weave threads of kaffeination through the community to bring light to the best that the Triangle has to offer in cafe food and service. Come get kaffeinated!